Amazon to snare over 20% CPG share during Prime Day


E-tail giant Amazon is set to take on more than 20% of its total purchasing revenue (CPG) at its annual two-day Prime Day event next week, a consumer market expert Numerator predicts.

Amazon launched the 48-hour Prime Day 2022 sale on July 12 and 13. In the eight days since the June 30 announcement, nearly half of US consumers were aware of Prime Day, Numerator said. And with 53% of U.S. households that are members of the Prime Minister and nearly two-thirds of consumers asked to sell, Amazon is in a position to share the largest CPG share on the day, the study company said.

The size of the Amazon CPG region is growing every day big, according to Numerator. CPG day rate increased from 16.2% on Prime Day 2019 to 18.3% on Prime Day 2020 and then 19.1% on Prime Day 2021. for Numerator.

Of the consumers who are aware of Prime Day 2022, 65% said they wanted to take part in the event, while another 30% indicated they could buy on Prime Day. Five percent said they did not want to take part.

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The Numerator added that although the entire month with Prime Day earns a little more than last month, the Amazon share on Prime Day is about four to five times higher than it usually is. For example, in 2021, Amazon CPG share was 4.7% one month before Prime Day, 5.7% for Prime Day month and 19.1% for Prime Day.

The online trading bonanza is also shared from brick and mortar sellers, especially from younger players. At Prime Day 2021, small retailers saw a decrease of 10.5 point CPG compared to last month, while Walmart saw a store decrease of 2.1 points, followed by a decrease of 1.4 points in Kroger and 1.2 in Costco, Numerator said. saw a +0.8 share increase on Prime Day.

Amazon bites a group of children and household items from Walmart on Prime Day, according to Numerator. On Prime Day, Amazon sees a gains of 3.8 points in the home sector and +3.7 points in the children’s section, the largest share from Walmart, which sees a decrease of 1.4 points and 1.7 points in those categories, respectively, the researcher added. .

Numerator’s Prime Day comparisons are based on its TruView omnichannel share share from the 1 million Numerator Measurement Panel group and the Numerator pre-Prime Day 2022 survey, a weekly Amazon consumer survey leading to Prime Day. To date, this survey (Wave 2) has been distributed to 1,437 people, most recently June 23. Side items for sale include food, household items, health and beauty care, pet supplies and child care.

“Consumers are accustomed to buying their daily products online,” Numerator CEO Eric Belcher said in a statement. “This year on Prime Day, consumers will be looking for the essentials in addition to electronics and gifts. Successful companies will use more of their customers in a timely manner to meet the needs of their customers.”

Some of the highlights of Numerator’s Prime Day 2022 survey are:

• As of June 24, 47% of Amazon retailers were aware of Prime Day 2022, and 28% said they had been notified of Prime Day’s announcement. Also, Prime Day awareness is much higher than Walmart + Weekend. Of the buyers surveyed, 33% said they were aware of Walmart + Weekend sales event.

• Customers have indicated that they will use Prime Day to jump back into school and buy vacation time. Among those surveyed, 22% of Prime Day sellers said they wanted to buy birthday gifts, celebrations and other special events; 18% plan to buy gifts during the holidays; and 10% plan to buy back-to-school supplies.

• About one in five consumers are expecting Prime Day deals on major ticket items. A Numerator survey found that, of those planning to buy on Prime Day, 17% wanted to buy expensive items that they only bought on sale.

Meanwhile, financial concerns are discouraging some Amazon buyers from participating in Prime Day. Among Amazon buyers who are not planning to participate in Prime Day 2022, the top three reasons cited were savings (39%), inflation / inflation (36%) and a lack of sales for other items (34%). . .


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