Soha Ali Khan collaborates with ‘R for Rabbit’


New Delhi, July 5 (UNI) The D2C children’s brand, ‘R for Rabbit’ has teamed up with Bollywood actress Soha Ali Khan, and launched her own digital advertising campaign featuring a model using a light feather diaper.

“Exposed to a wide range of digital gadgets, the ad seeks to inform people about how thin and lightweight feathers are in India that make your baby happy and playful.

As part of the event, Soha posted a video on her Instagram handle. Along with the video Soha wrote, “My mother’s journey has been full of responsibilities, yet relaxed, loving and

help from my loved ones. @rforrabbitbaby Feather Diapers have been an unparalleled treat. It is a great way to keep your beautiful baby from getting into trouble. The International Feather Feather Feature ensures the baby is always comforted. Why not try your baby rabbit? #RforRabbit #RforResponsible #Diapers #Baby #FeatherDiapers #BabyDiapers #Infant #Toddler #WhyMomsWhy ”.

In the video, Soha appears to say, “Feathers are as soft and thin as feathers. ”.

Kunal Popat, Founder of ‘R for Rabbit’, said in a statement, “We are delighted to partner with one of Bollywood’s biggest actors Soha Ali Khan, in our recent launch of ‘Feather Diaper’. where recently it is as light as feathers, soft, and has 10 million holes, which allows it to breathe properly and prevent the baby from developing rashes. “

“In our new advertisements, Soha has highlighted its appearance and ideas for all new women. In advertising, Soha makes it clear that ‘R for Rabbit’ is similar to R for Responsible, simplifying the process of changing diapers for parents and children with our Amazing Feather diapers. “Investment in strong telecommunications campaigns has strengthened our position among consumers, depositors and existing customers,” he said.

“As a growing Indian nation of childcare, we are proud of our diversity of childcare. Also, we want to take the market by providing quality and affordable products for every new mother,” added Kunal.



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